Welcome to my humble homepage! As most of it is in German (and as such totally incomprehensible to the rest of the world), I just wanted to throw a big fat Hi in your direction and explain a little bit who I am and what I do...

So, I am Christian. For the last 32 years I´ve been roaming around on this weird planet, and I´m still trying to make sense of it! Born in Bremen (one of the most beautiful places in Germany, as far as I am concerned), I have always been interested in movies. After visiting my one-time idol Stephen King in Maine I thought that writing about my obsession wouldn´t be such a bad idea at all. I had met some people who worked for the Berlin-based magazine "Splatting Image" and was offered to write for them, which I have been doing constantly for the past ten years or so.  In addition, I had my articles published in several American, British, French and Italian publications. I contributed to the Jess Franco book "Obsession" and wrote my very own account of Italian horror movies, "Das wilde Auge" - if somebody wants to publish an international version of the latter and offers me a lot of do´, I´m all for it! Right now I am sitting on the English-language version of my latest book, on seventies hardcore extravaganzas from the USA. I have been making many interviews for it with lovely people like Annette, Jamie, John, Bill, Ed, Ed No.2, Zachary, Gerry, Janey, Dave, Howard and Ann. I´m very excited about the project, and I hope that it will be out this summer...

Apart from my articles and books I have also been doing liner notes for soundtrack releases and the like and have line-produced the Jess Franco movie TENDER FLESH, which doesn´t mean that I have done anything else than shovelling money into the project. (I didn´t get it back...Yo ho ho!) I also played the leading role in a short movie called PEIN, where I got to play a nincompoop who gets so fed up with himself that he commits suicide. Nobody will ever see this movie anyway, but if he does, he will immediately understand why I didn´t pursue an acting career - atrocious is the word. At least I get kicked in my butt by the devil - quite an experience... Other activities include philosophy, fencing and nude dancing on private occasions.

The rest of this amazing homepage consists of inane babbling, so you are not missing much. I have immortalized several of my all-time musical heroes, and there is also a photo gallery with pictures of myself that can be used for target practice or voodoo ceremonies. Come to Germany one of these days, and when you do, tell them Christian sent you!

One happy kraut