The Whole Works


Obsession - The Films of Jess Franco (co-author, together with Peter Blumenstock, Lucas Balbo and Tim Lucas)
Das wilde Auge ("The Savage Eye") - An Illustrated History of Italian Horror Movies (German only)
Willkommen in der Hölle - Spaghetti western dictionary (German only)
Several essays in books


Die läufige Leinwand (book on 70s US hardcore cinema, in German and English language)
Der verletzliche Blick (book on the films of Dario Argento, together with Robert Zion)
Essay on Tennessee Williams in "Rattennester" (published by Robert Zion)

Articles for the magazine Splatting Image:

No.5:   Interview with Jean Rollin
No.11: Interview with Brigitte Lahaie (+ Peter Blumenstock und Michael Nagenborg)
No.12: Das Ansehen der Lust oder Die Gesänge des Walerian Borowczyk
            Interview with Antonio Margheriti (+ Peter Blumenstock)
No.13: Interview with William Berger
            Interview with Enzo. G. Castellari (+ Peter Blumenstock)
            Interview with Walerian Borowczyk
No.14: Schande des Dschungels (Filipino horror)
No.15: Gerard Damiano (Text and interview)
No.16: Elf Halleluja für ein totes Genre (Spaghetti westerns)
            Interview with Alberto de Martino (+ Peter Blumenstock)
No.17: Ruckzuck die Fresse dick! (Italian cop thrillers)
No.18: Das Geheimnis der schwarzen Handschuhe (Italian thrillers/gialli)
No.19: This is the End oder Es ist fünf nach zwölf! (Italian Post-Doomsday movies)
No.20: Von Mäusen und Muschis (Italian sleaze epics)
No.21: Ein Zombie hängt in der Geisterstadt (Italian horror 1)
No.22: Die Rückkehr der blutigen Nudeln (Italian horror 2)
No.23: Der Sohn der Rückkehr der blutigen Nudeln (Italian horror 3)
No.24: Interview with Jack Taylor
No.25: Die Waltons als Vorboten der totalen Zerstörung (US 70s horror)
            Interview with Hans Billian
No.26: Das andere Ende der Leitung (Italian sex sleaze)
            Interview with Donal O´Brien
No.27: Die Spur des Falkplans (Italian gangster movies)
No.28: Die Welt ist ein brutaler Apfel (Italian mafia films)
            Maciste und die Spaghetti aus dem Weltall (Text on Gordon Mitchell)
No.29: Die Eierharfe des kleinen Mannes (Italian cop thrillers 2)
            Interview with Luciano Ercoli + Susan Scott
No.30: Die Eier des Kolumbus (US 70s hardcore)
            Interview with Georgina Spelvin
No.31: Null Null Nudel: Lizenz zum Abklatschen (Italian spy movies)
            Interview with Barbara Bouchet
No.32: Sechs Millionen Arbeitslose (Italian war epics 1)
            Interview with Robert Kerman
No.33: Die Attraktion der Erde als Kammerton des Herzens (Italian war epics 2)
No.34: Die schwarzen Hanteln des Dr. Petz (Spanish horror 1)
No.35: Schwarzes Wasser in strammen Herzen (Spanish horror 2)
            Interview with Erika Blanc
No.36: Das kleine Glück im Schatten der Ulme (Italian peplum movies)
No.37: Obituary on Joe d´Amato
No.38: Die Welt nach dem Satelliten (Italian gialli 2)
            Interview with Rena Niehaus
No.39: Eine Handvoll blanker Messer (Italian gialli 3)
No.40: Die verlorenen Eier der Mona Lisa (Italian sex movies)
No.41: In den Kesseln faulte das Wasser (Italian sleaze epics 2)
No.42: Großmutter Moses und ihre toten Freunde (US 70s horror 2)
No.43: Eile mit Beile (US slasher flicks)
No.44: Ringo, Django e Mongo - Tre fratelli nel West (Spaghetti westerns 2)
            Interview with Maren Beautté
No.45: Blutiger Karneval (British 70s horror 1)
No.46: Das Empire schlägt zurück (British 70s horror 2)
No.47: In 80 Tragen um die Welt (Sleaze all around the world)

...blah blah blah, up to issue No. 74, so far!

...and more of the same!

(Several interviews and articles were also re-printed in English, French and Italian publications like Video Watchdog, European Trash Cinema, Giallo Pages, CineZineZone, Amarcord, Nocturno, as well as in the books "Flesh + Blood 1" and "99 donne".)

There were also liner notes for Lucertola Media´s first police film sampler, the soundtrack release "Incubo sulla città contaminata" (also Lucertola) and "Beat at Cinecittà Vol.2" released by Crippled Dick Hot Wax. Also about 10 DVD audio commentaries and many liner notes for DVDs.

And, last but not least, I have been line producer on Jess Franco´s sleazathon "Tender Flesh", meaning that I have spent a lot of money and got nothing in return - live and learn, as they say! (Nice man, though.) Got a screenwriter´s credit for working on Wenzel Storch´s majestic DIE REISE INS GLÜCK. Hollywood or bust!